Marshall N. Carter


Chairman, New York Stock Exchange Group
"The Climb to the Big Board: How Entrepreneurs use Innovation to Build Real Companies and Create Wealth" 

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Ben Fischman


CEO, Retail Convergence Inc.
(Rue La La & SmartBargains.com)
& Founder, Lids Corporation

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Mei Xu


Co-Founder and President, Chesapeake Bay Candle
Creator and CEO, Blissliving Home

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Colin Raney

Head of Business Design, IDEO
"Entrepreneurs are Designers"  

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Leonard Schlesinger

President, Babson College

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Roger Berkowitz

President & CEO, Legal Sea Foods

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Michael Gaiss

Senior Vice President, Highland Capital Partners

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Brian Halligan

CEO & Founder, Hubspot

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Eric Graham

Director, TechBridge at Fraunhofer - Center for Sustainable Energy Systems 

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Laura Fitton

CEO & Founder, oneforty.com

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Johnny Earle

CEO/Owner/Founder, Johnny Cupcakes, Inc.

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Kerry Healey

Former Lt. Governor and Host of NESN’s “Shining City”

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Steve Gold

Senior Partner for Entrepreneurship, Olin College

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John Harthorne

Founder & CEO, MassChallenge

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Charlie Fisher

Connect & Develop Manager, P&G FutureWorks

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John Littlechild

General Partner, HealthCare Ventures

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Chris Greendale

Chairman & CEO, Cloud Technology Partners

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Christopher Mirabile

Managing Director, Race Point Capital Group, LLC

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Joanna Meiseles

Founder, Snip-its

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Brian Cusack

Head of Display, Retail at Google

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Donna Fenn

Contributing Editor, Inc Magazine and Author, Upstarts

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Josh Biber

Executive Director of the Greater Boston Region, Teach for America

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Brett Juliano

Executive Director, Village Forward

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Matt Graham

President, BRND MGMT

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Josh Zoia

Executive Director, KIPP Academy Lynn

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Kevin Mulvaney

Senior Lecturer, Babson College

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Cheryl Kiser

Managing Director, The Lewis Initiative at Babson College

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Sean Dalton

General Partner, Highland Capital Partners

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Karen Fabbri

Owner & Founder, Moxie

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Matt Lauzon

Founder & President, Gemvara

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George Donnelly

Editor, Boston Business Journal

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Jay Rao

Professor of Technology and Operations Management

Bob Caspe

Adjunct Professor - Marketing, Babson College

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Marilyn Bogue

Lead Lender Relations Specialist, SBA

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Keith Wilcox

Professor - Marketing, Babson College

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