Sean Griffin

Sean Griffin
  • Founder & CEO
  • Company: Griffin Worx

Sean Griffin, is operating entrepreneurship programming in over 60 countries, having worked with over 100,000 entrepreneurs since 2012. Sean’s work to empower women entrepreneurs and build inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets has been recognized by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, the Vice President of Zambia, numerous U.S. Ambassadors and Ministers around the world.

Sean is an internationally renowned visual thinker, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, turned international entrepreneurial program designer, educator, and entrepreneurial ecosystem builder. He brings 20+ years of practical entrepreneurial experience having founded or co-founded 21 businesses and 4 non-profit organizations. Regarded as a community-builder, Sean has provided visual thinking tools as a graphic facilitator for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, not-for-profits, and emerging companies. He has developed a number of experiential-based entrepreneurial education activities; authored 8 books and numerous manuals, to include designing and building start-up programming, mentor networks, award and recognition programs, and entrepreneurial ecosystems design.

Sean has extensive experience working in diverse countries implementing successful entrepreneurial ecosystem projects that connect GriffinWorx initiatives and regional partners to accelerate entrepreneurial development. He is an entrepreneur working with entrepreneurs providing rapid development, generating quick and lasting impact to meet the specific needs of the country and local communities. GriffinWorx is focused in Sub-Saharan Africa, the MENA region, and the South and Southeast Asia region.